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Is Google really killing off Nexus brand?

by on27 January 2014

Eldar Murtazin says yes

It appears that Google may be about to ditch the Nexus brand altogether next year. The news comes from Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin in the form of a tweet.

Murtazin has plenty of industry connections and quite a few scoops under his belt -- otherwise we would not be reporting this.

"Nexus line by Google is over in 2015," Murtazin tweeted. "This line will be replaced by Play Edition."

He adds that Play Edition will be rebranded in the process.

Here at Fudzilla we are huge fans of Nexus devices, as they tend to offer exceptional value for money with the latest Android updates Google has to offer. Google Play devices also sport the latest version of Android, but then again they tend to cost a bit more - especially if you go for a high-end device.

In any case it is a very interesting rumour. Google currently has more Google Play edition devices than ever and it is covering more price points than ever. The $179 Moto G was added to the Play lineup just last week.
Many techies were wondering whether Motorola would ever do a Nexus phone following Google's acquisition of the American handset maker. If Murtazin is right, Motorola might not get to do a Nexus phone - but it will provide quasi-Nexus devices available through the Play store.

It makes sense, but we'd still be sad to see the Nexus brand killed off.

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