Microsoft preparing for Microsoft Managed Desktop
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Behold the Windows you rent

Microsoft is getting ready to replace Windows 10 with the Microsoft Managed Desktop which will be a "desktop-as-a-service" (DaaS) offering.

Microsoft promises not to bother us with so many updates
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Ironically with a new update 

Software King of the world Microsoft wants to use AI to work out if you really need an update for its Windows 10 software.

Microsoft wants developers for its quantum reality
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Bring your own potentially dead and alive cats

Software king of the world Microsoft has launched the open-source Quantum Katas on GitHub.

Microsoft doing well thanks to cloud
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Friday, 20 July 2018 11:34

Microsoft doing well thanks to cloud

The future is cloudy

Microsoft posted quarterly profit and revenue that beat analysts’ estimates, as more businesses signed up for its Azure cloud computing services and Office 365 productivity suite.

Microsoft finds first evidence of mid-term election tampering
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There might be a spy amongst us 

Microsoft detected and helped block hacking attempts against three congressional candidates this year, a company executive said.

Microsoft has not given up on consumers
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Takes responsibility for all modern life

While software king of the world Microsoft appears to have pulled the plug on most of its consumer products, its execs told partners that Redmond isn't giving up on ordinary people.

Microsoft leaps seconds ahead of Apple
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Thursday, 19 July 2018 10:42

Microsoft leaps seconds ahead of Apple

It seems to have better developers

While the fruity cargo cult Apple's software developers have difficulty making software which can handle daylight saving and moving time zones, Microsoft is looking at introducing leap-seconds to its operating system.

Microsoft considers shifting jobs overseas
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Can't get the staff

Software king of the world Microsoft is considering moving more of its operations overseas because Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump will not allow it to bring in more foreign workers. 

Microsoft goes cheap on the Surface
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Tuesday, 10 July 2018 22:57

Microsoft goes cheap on the Surface

Smaller Surface Go starts at $399

After an endless line of earlier well-leaked rumors, Microsoft said its cheapest Surface to date,  the $399  Surface Go, is up for grabs. The new model is both smaller and lighter, as well as comes with apparently surprisingly decent hardware specifications.

Microsoft's $400 surface tablet might be here soon
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Cleared FCC approval

Microsoft's $400 Surface tablet, codenamed Libra, has cleared FCC approval and could be with us soon.