OnePlus 8 and Pro with 120Hz display uses Pixelworks
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DisplayMate A+ Rating with fifth-gen Pixelworks SoC

We might be at the beggining of a new era right now. Smartphone OEMs clearly recognized the importance of the camera subsystem, but in the last two years, many OEMs started heavily investing in displays too. Being at the forefront of innovation and recognizing the upcoming trend, OnePlus decided to include a Pixelworks fifth-generation visual processor to its latest OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro phones.

Pixelworks Iris 5 to improve future smartphone displays
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HDR10/HDR10+ Tone Mapping, smooth gaming 

Pixelworks recently scored a strategic agreement with HDM Nokia and just days before MWC the company announced its 5th generation Iris. Now, the company announced its next generation power efficient premier processor for mobile devices.

Pixelworks reaches strategic agreement with HMD Global
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Cooperation extended to Future Nokia smartphones

Pixelworks is a company with quite remarkable mobile display processing technology packed into rather small chips that enables some high-end video and display features at very low cost and power. After working with HMD to help make the mainstream-priced Nokia 7.1 really pop with high end HDR display features, the two companies announced strategic partnership to extend the cooperation.