Apple bug blocked subscribers
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Tame Apple Press blamed the telcos

A software bug in Apple iCloud Private Relay caused it to block connections to telcos.

Samsung might unveil its Galaxy S22 series on February 8th
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According to reports from South Korea

According to a fresh report, Samsung could be gearing up to unveil its Galaxy S22 series phones on February 8th.

Honor Magic V is the first foldable with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
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7.9-inches main and 6.45-inch cover screen

It was bound to happen and the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 foldable phone honor goes to Honor Magic V, a rather neat looking 6.45-inch phone that unfolds into 7.9-inch one.

Hackers can mimic iPhone reboots and keep iOS malware installed
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If only there was a phone with good security

The Tame Apple Press is reeling after a security firm announced it was possible to block and simulate an iOS restart operation.

Google shows off car unlocking
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With your phone

Google used the annual CES technology conference to showcase upcoming deeper ties among its devices and preview support for unlocking more cars with Android phones.