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Intel X38 board shots online

by on04 September 2007

German site has the scoop

We spotted some pictures of Intel's upcoming X38 motherboard on PCGH and it looks like Intel has taken a step away from it's usally very basic designs.

The board features three x16 PCI Express slots, although we presume the third slot isn't full bandwidth. It's also got two PCI slots and that's it. It seems like the third slot is for a physics card according to the Intel chipset info posted alongside the board shots.

The board also lacks IDE all together, but it has six SATA connectors and a floppy connector.  The heatsinks are quite tall, but nowhere near as excessive as some of the cooling solutions we've seen from some of the board partners.

Intel will also remove the overclocking protection and add some new BIOS tweaking features for this board.

You can check out some more pictures and Intel slides here

Last modified on 07 September 2007
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