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Calpella to get replaced by Huron River in 2011

by on12 February 2010


Intel is all about platforms

It's no secret that Intel likes its platforms as it gives it a chance to take more than one chip, comfortably wrap it around the term "Platform" and sell it to you. Naturally, this method works like a charm and is a great way to earn more money.

This strategy works exceptionally good in mobile markets and while Calpella platform is doing fine, Intel plans to introduce a new platform simply called Huron River in Q1 2011. This platform is wrapped around Sandy Bridge, a new architecture 32nm that will continue supporting Intel Turbo boost technology.

This CPU also has integrated graphics and it comes in dual and quad core iterations. Huron River will also get WiFi and Wimax support on some models as well as Intel Bluetooth, something that we haven't seen so far. Oh yes, Intel will continue to play and support its Wireless display as it's easy to use and it makes sense.

The platform can fit in standard notebooks as well as ultra-thin notebooks and as we already said, it comes in Q1 2011.

Last modified on 12 February 2010
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