Intel Alder Lake-S Core-1800 ES specs leak
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4.6 GHz on two Golden Cove cores and up to 3.4 GHz on four Gracemont Atom cores at 1.3147 V

Technical specifications of an Alder Lake-S Core-1800 16-core 24-thread engineering sample (ES) have been leaked online.

Texas man sues over exploding Apple battery
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Claims Jobs' Mob flogs defective batteries

A bloke in Texas is taking Apple to court claiming it flogged him a shonky battery for his iPhone which exploded.

Ericsson smokes peace pipe with Samsung
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Reaches agreement on global patent licences

Ericsson has reached a multi-year agreement on global patent licences with Samsung ending a dispute that hit the Swedish telecom equipment maker's first-quarter revenue.

Apple iPhone flaw allowed China to target Uighur Muslims
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Competition winner

An attack that targeted Apple devices was used to spy on China's Muslim minority -- and US officials claim it was developed for the country's top hacking competition.

IBM creates 2nm chip
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Friday, 07 May 2021 10:22

IBM creates 2nm chip

Intel has a little sob

IBM boffins have emerged from their smoke-filled labs claiming to have invented the world’s first 2 nm chip.

Qualcomm modem bug hits a third of smartphones
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Attackers can access the device’s call and SMS history

Around a third of all smartphones in the world are believed to be affected by a new vulnerability in a Qualcomm modem component that can grant attackers access to the device's call and SMS history and even audio conversations.

Apple’s Night Shift does not work
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Friday, 07 May 2021 10:18

Apple’s Night Shift does not work

Does not make the slightest difference to your sleep patterns

Boffins at Brigham Young University have called out Apple's Night Shift system as snake oil and said that it does not improve your sleep quality.

AI Chip start-ups interesting Wall Street
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Nvidia rivals 

The cocaine nose-jobs of Wall Street are starting to get interested in chip startups lured by their promises of AI and special-purpose processors that can efficiently run machine-learning algorithms.

Spain spending billions to push electric cars
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Pandemic relief funds

Spain is moving aggressively to land new battery and electric vehicle plants, using billions of European Union pandemic relief funds to avoid being left behind.

Apple is stuffing up iOS, with its Webkit rules
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Google engineer moans

Apple wants all the browsers on iOS to run WebKit, however, Alex Russel, Google's engineer says the software is not up to snuff.