Supermicro releases high-performance X12 generation 4-socket SuperServer
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Optimised for third generation Intel Xeons

Supermicro has  launched a new high-performance X12 generation 4-socket SuperServer optimised for the new 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (codenamed Cooper Lake) and Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 series (codenamed Barlow Pass).

Huawei can work with US on 5G standards
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Just can’t sell any products

The United States is to amend its prohibitions on US companies doing business with China’s Huawei to allow them to work together on setting standards for next-generation 5G networks.

Nokia teams up with Broadcom on 5G
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Part of dumping Field Programmable Gate Arrays

Finland’s Nokia Oyj has partnered with Broadcom to develop chips for 5G equipment in its third such deal following ones with Intel and Marvell.

UK will lose 5G lead if Huawei locked out
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Vodafone worried

Vodafone has warned that the UK's desire to lead in 5G will suffer a blow if Huawei is ripped out of the networks.

5G conspiracy nuts turn to magic USB sticks
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Maybe they will grow into a USB tree which can reach to the land of the giants

Dumb arsed conspiracy nuts are shelling out £339.60 to protect their families from the evil 5G using a magic USB stick with a paper sticker stuck on it in the bizare belief that it is quantum powered.