Intel teams up with Ubisoft for Star Wars Outlaws bundle
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Bundles it with 14th gen CPUs and laptops

Both Ubisoft and Intel have announced their team-up for the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws game, with Intel bundling it with its Core 14th Gen CPUs and laptops.

Intel launches more 14th gen Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs
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A total of eighteen 65W and 35W SKUs

Intel has announced a total of 18 new Raptor Lake Refresh desktop CPUs, or as Intel likes to call them, 14th Gen Mainstream Desktop Processors. Intel is promising up to 37 percent higher multi-threaded performance compared to the previous generation.

Want to improve Intel’s 14th generation’s lacklustre performance?
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There’s an app for that

Users were somewhat disappointed that Intel’s latest 14th gen chips were not a vast improvement over the 13th-gen in gaming performance, but a new Intel Application Optimization (APO) feature promises to fix that issue.

Intel officially launches Core 14th Gen desktop processors
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Core Raptor Lake Refresh comes as i9-14900K, i7-14700K, i5-14600K

Intel has now officially launched its Core Raptor Lake Refresh desktop processors which will be known as the Intel Core 14th Gen series. Launching at the same price points as the 13th gen counterparts, the Core 14th gen promises up to 23 percent better gaming performance compared to the competition, and up to 54 percent better performance in creator workflows.

Intel officially announces new Core desktop/mobile processors brand update
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Removes the "i" for upcoming Meteor Lake processors

Intel has now officially announced the name change for its client-segment Core desktop and mobile processors, calling it the biggest brand update in 15 years. Starting with the upcoming Meteor Lake processors, the Intel client branding structure will no longer include the famous "i", but rather just stick with numbers and Core Ultra for its high-end lineup. Intel is also updating its badge designs for Intel Evo and vPro notebooks.

Chipzilla changing Meteor Lake branding
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Intel's Core range might be pimped up after 15 years

It is starting to look like the rumours of Chipzilla changing its Core branding might be true.

Intel reveals 13th Gen Intel Core processor family
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Wednesday, 28 September 2022 09:55

Intel reveals 13th Gen Intel Core processor family

Unlucky for some?

Intel revealed the 13th Gen Intel Core processor family, led by the 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900K – which Intel claims is the world’s fastest desktop processor.

Intel officially announces 12th gen Core Alder Lake CPUs
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Six SKUs, launching on November 4th

Intel has officially announced its new 12th gen Core CPUs, codenamed Alder Lake, which will officially launch on November 4th. Intel will have a total of six SKUs ready on launch day, including the Core i9-12900, Core i7-12700, and Core i5-12600, all coming in K and KF versions.

AMD will most likely buy Xilinx
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Friday, 16 October 2020 10:45

AMD will most likely buy Xilinx

Data center strategy

It is impossible to get a comment from either AMD or Xilinx on this matter, but as far as we could ask around, AMD is going to attempt to buy Xilinx. The move will help the company’s data center strategy, and it is carefully targeted.

Intel 11th gen Core Tiger Lake gets a first teaser video
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Shows some features and Intel Iris Xe and Core logos

Promotional videos for Intel's upcoming 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake CPUs have gone online, showing some features as well as new logos for the CPU, Iris Xe discrete DG1 and Xe Gen 12 iGPU, and EVO Powered by Core logos.