Lunar Lake officially in Q3 24
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Tuesday, 21 May 2024 18:41

Lunar Lake officially in Q3 24

80 laptops, 20 OEM and 45+ TOPS NPU, fastest ever

Intel announced a bit more details about the next-generation notebook technology SoC codenamed Lunar Lake and synced it up with Microsoft’s Copilot+ announcement. Lunar Lake has new P and E cores, 1.5 times faster Battlemage graphics, 45+ TOPS NPU and an additional 60 TOPS from the GPU, advanced low power, and most importantly performance faster than Ryzen 7 8840U & Snapdragon X Elite. 

Chipzilla's Lunar Lake shows built-in graphics getting better
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Discrete graphics might become even more discrete

New leaks into the graphics power of Chipzilla’s Xe2 Battlemage architecture on Lunar Lake indicate that onboard GPUs are about to get a whole lot beefier, ready to smash out some serious frame rates.

Intel Core Ultra Lunar Lake platform packs >100 TOPS
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Laptops on shelves before Christmas

In addition to announcing the new Gaudi 3 AI accelerator and unveiling the new Xeon 6 branding for upcoming Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest processors, at its Vision 2024 event Intel also revealed a bit more information about the upcoming Core Ultra Lunar Lake processor for laptops.

Intel talks Arrow Lake at CES 2024, confirms launch in 2024
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Lunar Lake for mobiles coming as well

During its CES 2024 presentation, Intel's EVP and GM of client computing group (CCG), Michelle Johnston Holthaus, briefly discussed the next generation Arrow Lake for desktops and Lunar Lake for laptop chips and confirmed they are launching in 2024.

Lunar Lake on Intel 20A shown on the stage
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Tuesday, 19 September 2023 19:52

Lunar Lake on Intel 20A shown on the stage

Powered on and runs AI stable diffusion

Lunar Lake Intel 20A consumer processor, expected to launch next year, made a surprise appearance as a part of Pat Gelsinger´s keynote. The demo showed silicon in good shape running the Windows operating system and the AI application.

Intel confirms Meteor Lake for second half of 2023
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Lunar Lake in 2024

During its rather disappointing quarterly and yearly financial call, Intel confirmed that both its Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake processors are still on course.