First AMD Ryzen AI PRO 300 APUs coming in October
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With Ryzen AI 9 HX PRO 370 and Ryzen AI 7 PRO 360 SKUs

AMD is gearing up to launch its next-generation Ryzen AI PRO 300 Strix APU lineup in October, and the series will include two SKUs, the Ryzen AI 9 HX PRO 370 and the Ryzen AI 7 PRO 360.

Asus confirms AMD Ryzen AI 300 Strix Point launch
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Coming on July 15th

Asus has now officially confirmed that the AMD Ryzen AI 300 will launch to the market on July 15th, with the company being one of the first OEMs to have laptops on the market.

AMD about to launch latest mobile processors
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Radeon 890M GPU could be a serious step up

AMD's latest mobile processors are nearly ready to ship and word on the street is that they will bring some serious performance gains – particularly for gamers.

AMD goes full on Zen 5 at Computex 2024
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Computex 2024: Ryzen 9000 desktop and Ryzen AI 300 series mobile processors

During its Computex 2024 keynote, AMD went full on Zen 5, unveiling its new Ryzen 9000 series desktop and new Ryzen AI 300 series mobile processors, among other things, showing what to expect in near future and heavily focusing on AI, of course.