Ryzen 4000 mobile turning up in product listings
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Should be here soon

AMD's 7nm mobile Ryzen 4000 mobile processors are showing up in product listings on Amazon for multiple Asus gaming laptops in China and Canada.

AMD talks about Big Navi’s roadmap
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Sorry we are not supposed to call it that

AMD told the assembled throngs at its Financial Analyst Day more details about Big Navi, but please never call it that again.

Ampere creates 80-core ARM 64-bit processor
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Claims it is a first

Ampere has unveiled the industry's first 80-core ARM-based 64-bit server processor today in a bid to outdo Intel and AMD in datacenter chips.

Intel CSME bug apparently means you have to replace all your chips
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Don't fight It Marsha, It's bigger than both of us

Intel’s CSME vulnerability is so bad that the only way to fix it is to rip out your old chips and replace them with new ones.

AMD updates its CPU and GPU roadmaps
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Zen 3 on track and RDNA 2 comes with NAVI 2X

AMD's CEO and President, Dr. Lisa Su, has kicked off AMD's Financial Analyst Day 2020 talking about the progress AMD made in the last few years as well as what we can expect from the company in future, including an updated CPU and GPU roadmaps with Zen 3, Zen 4, as well as RDNA 2, and RDNA 3.