The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are new Apple flagships
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Faster chipset, 120Hz screens, better cameras, and more

During its California Streaming event, Apple has unveiled its next-generation iPhone 13 series flagship phones, the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with high refresh-rate displays, a better camera system, the new A15 Bionic hipset, and more.

Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are coming
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Same design, smaller notch, better camera

Apple has officially unveiled the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini models, retaining the same design, but giving these two much-needed performance updates.

Apple brings the new iPad and iPad mini
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New chipsets, better cameras, and more

Apple has kicked off its California Streaming event with two new iPads, including the updated iPad 10.2 and the iPad mini.

Apple patches huge security flaw
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Just before its big iPhone announcement

Red-faced Apple has had to issue an emergency patch for a security flaw days before it is about to make a new product announcement.

Apple appoints watch maker to oversee self-driving car vapourware
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Because the iWatch is the same thing as a car right?

Fruity cargo cult Apple has shown it is serious about getting its much hyped, never seen self driving car project completed, by hiring the bloke who was in charge of making the iWatch a thing to take over. 

Apple starts firing those who speak of its "harassment and sexism"
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Staff not permitted to report it to the authorities

Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided to fire a victim who publicly complain about sexism and harassment in the company claiming that they were breaking rules on leaking private corporate information.

Apple confirms California Streaming event for September 14th
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iPhone 13 incoming

Apple has now officially confirmed the date for its next big event, and it will stream online on September 14th. The company is likely to announce its next-generation iPhone, most likely called the iPhone 13.

Ford headhunts Apple’s car vapourware boss
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He can now work for a project that might produce something

Ford is hiring the head of Apple's car project away from the fruity cargo cult, meaning that he might get a change to work on a project that puts out a product.

Tame Apple Press wades into Freedom Phone
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$500 for a $200 phone? But that is Apple's target market

A 22 year old Bitcoin millionaire’s plan to build a phone just for US conservatives that had nothing to do with the evil Google and Apple appears to have backfired.

Google and Apple forced to open app stores
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At least in South Korea

Google and Apple will have to open their app stores to alternative payment systems in South Korea threatening their lucrative commissions on digital sales.