EU forces Meta and Google to combat hate speech and fake news
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Multibillion-dollar fines

The European Union reached an agreement on landmark legislation forcing Big Tech firms such as Google and Facebook's parent company Meta, as well as other internet services, to more aggressively combat hate speech and misinformation or risk multibillion-dollar fines.

EU agree to curb Big Tech
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Landmark laws 

Negotiators from the European Parliament and EU member states have agreed on a landmark law to curb the market dominance of United States tech giants such as Google, Meta, Amazon and Apple.

US makes EU privacy shield agreement impossible
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All the FBI has to do is say “state secrets” and the data must be handed over

The US government’s attempts to build a Privacy Shield which will allow data to flow between the Land of the Fee and Europe have been scuppered by the Supreme Court.

EU worried about Chinese patent power grab
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Smartphone technology apparently is Chinese now

After taking part in the biggest patent technology grab by the US, the EU is now worried about the Chinese counterattack.

EU worried about Facebook’s metaverse
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Vestager wants to know more so she can regulate it 

European Union authorities are a little worried about Facebook’s new metaverse plans and want to understand it better so they can regulate it.

EU might not have enough cash to sort out chip shortage
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Public funding set to suffer

The EU is planning to divert funding on public projects to highly profitable chip companies so that they will set up chip plants in the bloc.

Intel beats EU
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26 January 2022

Intel beats EU

Threw out billion euro antitrust fine

Chipmaker Intel scored a decisive legal victory Wednesday in a long-running battle against European Union competition watchdogs after a court reversed itself and threw out a billion euro antitrust fine issued more than a decade ago.

EU about to force Big Content to police sites better
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New restrictions

The European Union is close to passing legislation that could transform the way major technology companies operate and force them to police content on their platforms more aggressively.

EU mulls setting up its own DNS
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Too much consolidation around non-EU operators

The European Union is interested in building its own recursive DNS service that will be made available to EU institutions and the general public for free.

Facebook insists that US provides enough data protection
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It can be trusted with Euro data

Despite the European Union's highest court twice declaring that the United States does not offer sufficient protection for Europeans' data from American national security agencies, the social media giant's lawyers continue to disagree.