OS/2 about to get a modern browser
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Firefox no longer warpy enough for time warps

The OS/2 community is getting close to obtaining a modern browser on their ancient platform.

IBM has another go at flogging Watson Health
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Yours for a quick billion

Big Blue has resurrected its sale process for IBM Watson Health, with hopes of fetching more than $1 billion.

IBM creates new quantum processor
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Can do things too complex for a normal computer

IBM has created a quantum processor which it claims can process information so complex the work can't be done or simulated on a traditional computer.

IBM Cloud releases third-generation AMD EPYC servers
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128 cores (256 threads) of processing power to play with

IBM Cloud has released Bare Metal Servers using the newly released third-generation AMD EPYC processors.

Red Hat will hire less senior engineers
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Need to save a bit of cash

IBM's Red Hat plans to cut back on hiring senior engineers in an effort aimed largely at controlling costs.

Big Blue misses estimates
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Managed infrastructure suffers decline

IBM missed market estimates for quarterly revenue as its managed infrastructure business suffered from a decline in orders ahead of a spinoff next month.

IBM’s AI steered ship takes to the seas again
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Failed last time

After failing its first attempt to re-create the Mayflower's voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, a crewless ocean vessel, powered by artificial intelligence, has returned to sea.

IBM announces Power E1080 server
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Based on Power10 processor

IBM unveiled the Power E1080, the first in a family of servers based on the company’s recently announced Power10 processor.

IBM announces Telum chip
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07 September 2021

IBM announces Telum chip

Headed for IBM Z and LinuxONE systems

IBM announced the IBM Telum Processor which will be the central processor chip for the next generation IBM Z and LinuxONE systems.

GlobalFoundries sues IBM
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$2.5 billion in damages

Semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries has sued IBM,  asking a judge to rule that it did not violate a contract that claims it is owed $2.5 billion in damages.