Microsoft must follow Apple into ARM chips claims Gassée
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Apple leads PC development so everyone must drop x86 and copy it

Apple’s former head of Mac development, Jean-Louis Gassée, has said that Apple’s decision to switch to ARM processors for Macs will make it inevitable that higher-end Windows PCs will have to do the same.

Microsoft playing hide and seek with control features
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They seek it here, they seek it there

Software King of the World Microsoft is continuing to play hide and seek with Windows 10 features.

Microsoft schedules its Xbox Games Showcase for July 23rd
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Focus on first-party content

Microsoft has officially announced its Xbox Games Showcase that will be streamed live on Youtube and Twitch on July 23rd at 9AM PT, and we expect much more than what we saw in May.

Lucifer possesses Windows 10
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Users unsure of the difference

Cybersecurity firm Unit 42, say new malware dubbed "Lucifer" is taking over Windows devices and using them both to mine cryptocurrency and play a role in DDoS attacks.

Microsoft extends enterprise security protections to non-Windows platforms
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Linux first and Android next

Microsoft extending its  enterprise security protections to non-Windows platforms with the general release of a Linux version and a preview of one for Android.

Mixer’s demise was inevitable
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But Microsoft will continue to challenge Amazon and Google, says GlobalData

Microsoft is closing its Mixer game streaming platform and partnering with Facebook Gaming and analysts at GlobalData say that the move was inevitable.

Regulators need to investigate App stores says Microsoft
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You are letting Apple and Google get away with what we were fined for

Microsoft President Brad Smith said it's time for antitrust regulators in the US and Europe to discuss tactics that app stores use to take advantage of those who want to distribute their software.

Microsoft limits sales of facial recognition to police
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There needs to be some law first

Software King of the World Microsoft joined the list of tech giants who've decided to limit the use of its facial recognition systems, announcing that it will not sell the controversial technology to police departments until there is a federal law regulating the technology.

Microsoft lightweight Windows 10 Surface Ryzen based
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Should be out this year

Microsoft’s Surface team are working with AMD for the lightweight Windows 10 Surface to put the latest Ryzen 5s under the bonnet.

Microsoft's "AI journalists" are as rubbish as you would expect
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In a story about racism AI mixed-race people all look alike

Software King of the World's Microsoft's decision replace jounalists with AI has already hit a wall. Vole has been slammed after its  automated system confused two mixed-race members of British pop group Little Mix.