Microsoft and Sony team up to fight Google
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Looking at cloud-based gaming.

Software king of the world Microsoft and Sony are partnering on cloud-based gaming services in an area where they have been traditional rivals.

Microsoft makes election software which is harder to hack
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Will still not be around for 2020

Software King of the World Microsoft has launched new software that makes it more difficult to hack elections, detects whether a cyber intrusion has occurred and determines whether the results are compromised.

Microsoft spruces up AI and blockchain tools
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Making them easier for businesses

Software King of the world Microsoft announced new tools for software makers aimed at making technologies such as AI  and blockchain easier for businesses to use.

Microsoft worth a trillion
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Thanks to a cloudy future

Software king of the world Microsoft topped $1 trillion in value for the first time after executives predicted continued growth for its cloud computing business.

The $9,000 Surface Hub 2S is out now
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50-inch needs Steelcase’s Roam stand

Software King of the World Microsoft has released its Microsoft Surface Hub 2S which, for nine grand, seems to be a rather expensive whiteboard.

Microsoft said no to installing facial recognition software for cops
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It is not ready yet

Software king of the world Microsoft turned down a lucrative contract installing facial recognition software in California cop cars and body cameras.

Microsoft joins Apple in dirty tricks campaign against Right to Repair
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Returns to its evil Volish ways

It appears that Microsoft has returned to its old evil ways and joined the fruity cargo-cult Apple fighting against Right to Repair legislation in the US.

Windows XP dies final death
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Yep it is still around in some official form, until yesterday

Windows XP, which has been powering machines for more than 17 years, is finally dead.

EU data supervisor probes Microsoft software deals
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Are EU institutions following data privacy rules?

EU data protection authorities are rather concerned about deals being hatched out between Microsoft, the European Commission and other EU institutions.

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony investigated over game service
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British watchdog growls that online services might be unfair to gamers.

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority [CMA] is investigating Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to see if their online service practices violate consumer protection law.