Dead Windows 7 gets another security patch
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To fix a borked wallpaper job

Microsoft has issued a surprise patch for Windows 7 after saying it would never ever do that again.

Here is the strange case of a Microsoft subsidiary
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Worthless and then suddenly worth $30.4 billion

After nearly 12 years the IRS can start to wrap up its tax audit of Software King of the World Microsoft connected to the strange case of the Puerto Rico subsidiary.

Apple finally removes support for Flash
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Now the ghost of Steve Jobs will have to find another reason why Safari keeps breaking

More than a decade ago, Apple's High Priest Steve Jobs moaned that Flash was responsible for things breaking in his software.  Now, it seems Apple is ending all connection with the software which appears to have outlasted Jobs himself.

Microsoft’s new Xbox will not ship with reason to buy
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Xbox Series X will not have true first-party exclusives

Software King of the World Microsoft has decided that its new Xbox, the Xbox Series X, will launch without true first-party exclusives – which some in the industry think is going to kill the console stone dead.

Wordpad gets adverts
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22 January 2020

Wordpad gets adverts

I am so old I remember when everything was free once you paid for it

Software king of the world Microsoft has decided that Wordpad should be generating it a little more revenue and is going to host adverts.

Microsoft makes carbon pledge
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Will be carbon negative

Microsoft has announced an aggressive plan to rectify its role in the climate crisis and save polar bears.

End of life for Windows 7 is good
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For the sake of PC

Windows 7 official support ended on the January 14 and Microsoft is urging all users to upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft kills off Explorer
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All roads lead to Chrome

Microsoft today killed off Explorer and moved to the same code base as Google’s Chrome.

Microsoft patches big bug in Windows 10
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Spotted by the NSA

Microsoft has patched a serious security vulnerability in a core cryptographic component present in all versions of Windows.

Microsoft is the most popular supplier of public cloud services
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Amazon still makes the most cash

A Goldman Sachs survey of technology executives at large companies last month showed that Microsoft remained the most popular supplier of public cloud services, while Amazon leads the market overall in terms of revenue.