Microsoft abandons the Edge
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Moving to Chromium

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that Microsoft is about to dump its Edge browser and move to a Chromium base.

AMD could power future Microsoft Surface laptops
Published in PC Hardware

With upcoming Picasso APUs

According to the rumor mill, Microsoft's future Surface laptop could use AMD hardware, most likely the upcoming Picasso APUs.

3DMark for DirectX Raytracing comes in January 2019
Published in Graphics

3DMark Port Royal

UL Benchmarks has announced that its newest benchmark for ray tracing will be coming in January 2019, dubbed 3DMark Port Royal.

Microsoft developing AR for military
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For use in combat

Microsoft has won a $480 million contract to develop an augmented reality system for use in combat and military training for the US Army.

Microsoft cements its dominance over Apple
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Apple loses while Vole gains

Microsoft stock market value surpassed Apple pulling ahead by as much as $3 billion as the Windows software maker benefited from optimism about demand for cloud computing services.

Microsoft more valuable than Apple
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Vole grows as Apple tanks

Software King of the World Microsoft overtook Apple as the world's most valuable listed company highlighting the change of fortunes for both companies.

Microsoft update kills the iCloud
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… and so we were saved

Software king of the world Microsoft has penned an update which is so good it looks down on less useful software from Apple.

Microsoft faces GDPR cloud woes in Europe
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Too much data gathering

Software king of the world Microsoft is about to face a kicking from the European Union over its 'large scale and covert' gathering of people's info via Office.

Disk Free Xbox out in spring
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Rumours suggest

Microsoft is planning to release a disk free version of the Xbox One as early as next spring.

Microsoft Surface Go LTE now available for $679
Published in Mobiles

Shipping on November 20th

Microsoft Store has finally put the Surface Go with LTE up for pre-order on its page with a price of $679, and it will ship on November 20th.