Nintendo console designer logs off
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Masayuki Uemura wasted the time of millions

Designer of the first Nintendo Entertainment System console Masayuki Uemura has died. He was 78.

Nintendo slashes Switch production
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Chip shortage

Nintendo can only produce about 24 million units of its popular Switch game console in the fiscal year through March, 20 percent below the original plan.

Nintendo denies the existence of a Nintendo Switch Pro
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Rumours are untrue

Nintendo has denied a rumour that it is about to put out a Switch Pro.

Nintendo officially unveils the Switch OLED console
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Not the update all have been waiting for

Nintendo has officially announced the refreshed Nintendo Switch OLED console which will be launching on October 8th with a $349.99 price tag. Unfortunately, the new Switch OLED only got an updated screen, audio, stand, and dock, and there are no other hardware and/or performance updates.

Nintendo to adopt upgraded Nvidia chip
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Switching to Deep Learning Super Sampling

Nintendo plans to adopt an upgraded Nvidia chip with better graphics and processing for a new Switch model planned for Christmas.

Nintendo planning OLED display for Switch
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Support for 4K

Nintendo is planning to unveil a model of its Switch gaming console equipped with a bigger Samsung OLED display and support for 4K. It's expected to arrive before Christmas.

Nintendo sued by consumer group
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Small issue of borked controllers

Nintendo faces a complaint from BEUC, a European consumer group, over what it calls "systematic problems" with the controllers for the company's Switch games console.

Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo
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Was laughed out of the room

Software King of the World Microsoft attempted to buy Nintendo according to one of the Xbox staffers.

Nintendo has some extreme measures to track hackers
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Huge amount of work

An internal Nintendo leak has revealed that the outfit gets its knickers in a twist rather easily when it comes to investigating hackers.

Nintendo expects to flog 24 million Switches
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COVID-19 pandemic drives a gaming boom

Nintendo has announced that it will sell 24 million of its Switch games consoles in the year ending March 2021, up from a forecast of 19 million.