AMD hits back at Nvidia's partner programme
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Handbags at dawn

AMD has been firing off some salvos at Nvidia's Partner Programme which appears designed to force suppliers to only sell its products.

Nvidia-Intel licensing was really just a payment
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Settlement wrapped in a paper

Last year Nvidia stopped getting so called licensing money from Intel. After five years the financial injection was  delivered in total. This all came after the Intel and Nvidia conflict that started over chipsets, but essentially was a settlement that ended up being called licensing. It never was GPU licensing.  

Zotac puts Nvidia Quadro in its latest ZBox Q-series mini PCs
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The new QK5P1000, QK7P3000 and QK7P5000 Mini PCs

Zotac has unveiled its new ZBox Q-series of Mini PCs which will feature Intel's 7th generation Core i5/Core i7 CPUs paired up with Nvidia's Pascal-based Quadro P1000, Quadro P3000 or even the Quadro P5000 series graphics cards, capable of providing some serious compute performance.

Asustek takes on Nvidia's GeForce Partner Programme
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New AMD gaming brand called Ares

Asustek is taking on the card maker named after a Roman vengeance demon, Nvidia with an unpopular Greek God who was hated by his parents.

Intel's Raja is working on a desktop GPU
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As Motley Fool suggested

Ashraf Eassa from Motley Fool has released the info that an Intel discrete GPU will be for gaming. Fudzilla can add that gaming was always in the plan and that AI is the key. Just bear one thing in mind, Intel is very serious on edge computing and Intel's improved IGP will play a crucial part in the scheme.

Nvidia Ampere is the next generation
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The one after 2018 Turing

Fudzilla wants to make something clear. Ampere is not a mining GPU, it is not a gaming, and it is not an AI-focused Tensor Core GPU, it is all of the above, and comes after Turing 2018 GPU.

Jensen thinks Quantum is the future
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Exclusive:  Will be important

Last week at the GTC we saw Jen Hsung Huang, the founder and CEO of Nvidia walking by, and of course, we had to ask him a question. The single thing I wanted to ask was his opinion about Quantum computing.

Move over Moore's Law - here is Huang's Law
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Nvidia GPUs are 25 times faster than five years ago

Jensen Huang claims that GPU chips are moving at a more rapid rate of development than CPUs and instead of following Moore's Law, they are following a supercharged law which he clearly hopes will be called Huang’s Law.

Autopilot was engaged in second fatal self-driving crash
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Tough one for Tesla X

On Friday, March 23rd a man identified as an Apple engineer and former EA programmer Walter Huang died in a fatal accident when his Tesla X hit a median barrier on Highway 101 in Mountain View. Tesla has now officially confirmed that autopilot was engaged.

Nvidia announces Automotive SoC Orin
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Gives little to none details

Nvidia’s CEO, the man  known for his  two hour plus keynotes that tend to become even longer, has announced the company's next generation automotive chip codenamed Orin. Nvidia gave few details about the chip but did mention it is expected to perform similarly to Pegasus.