ARM notebook future leans on 5G
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Always connected at 7nm and 5nm

ARM has already shared with the press and analyst that the company expects to ship Cortex A76 based products in both 10 and 7nm in late 2018/early 2019, but now it has disclosed a few more details about its 7nm Deimos and 7/5nm Hercules parts.

ARM aims to put fear of god into Intel
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Claims it's ahead of the curve with 7 and 5nm

CPU design firm ARM has shown off its roadmap for the next two years with the hope that it will inspire terror inside Intel and attract renewed interest from laptop vendors.

ARM goes on offensive against RISC-V
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RISCY strategy 

Chipmaker ARM is going on the offensive against the RISC-V open-source processor instruction set architecture with a new propaganda  education site.

ARM and Samsung build eMRAM compiler
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New offerings for Samsung Foundry’s 7LPP and 5LPE EUV, and 11LPP FinFET nodes

ARM and Samsung Foundry are announcing the industry’s first eMRAM compiler offering which will be available on Samsung Foundry’s 28FDS (FDSOI) process technology.

HPE to build the world's largest ARM-based supercomputer
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Ad astra per aspera

HPE is building what it is calling the world's largest ARM-based supercomputer.

Chunk of ARM sold to the Chinese
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Chinese take control

British-founded chipmaker ARM Holdings,will cede control of its Chinese business to a group of local investors in a $775 million deal.

ARM announces Cortex A76 for 7nm
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Laptop class performance in 2019

Before we even start, we want to make clear that Cortex A76 - the successor of the flagship A75 today - is targeting both phones and laptops with a big focus and four times improvement in ML and AI performance.

ARM shakes fist at X86 notebook hegemony
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And Microsoft seems keen too...

We've waited years and years for ARM to offer a real challenge to Intel on the notebook front, and judging from what the company announced today in Old Taiwan, 2019 could be when Chipzilla discovers it has an Achilles' heel. Intel isn't invulnerable, despite its size, demonstrated, for example,  by the way it totally missed the boat on the smartphone front.

More Intel bugs emerge
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And maybe some ARM bugs too

German online magazine c't is reporting that as many eight new bugs in Intel microprocessors have been spotted.

64-bit Windows on ARM announcement expected soon
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Removes one of its biggest drawbacks

Microsoft is expected to make an announcement that it has sorted out the problem which prevents Windows on Snapdragon platform from running 64-bit apps.