US Justice Department has another go at cracking smartphones
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Still wants to force tech companies to install backdoors to encryption

The US Department of Justice is refusing to give up on its plans to force tech companies to build tools into smartphones and other devices that would allow access to encrypted data in criminal investigations.

Cloudflare rushes to repair nasty bug
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Data lost

Cloudflare got its skates on to fix a bug which could have exposed shedloads of user data.

Cryptocurrancy hackers take over water utility
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Cryptojacking attacks grow.

Cryptojackers are starting to hit the operational technology used in critical industrial infrastructure.

Apple has another security issue
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Text bomb, text bomb, you’re a text bomb

The brilliant programmers at Apple who have all sorts of problems getting a clock to tell the time have delivered an operating system which can be switched off with a text.

AMD admits it is vulnerable to both versions of Spectre
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So much for saying that the second one was low risk

After days of saying that there was a "near zero" chance of its chips being hit by the two Spectre bugs, AMD has finally admitted it's vulnerable to both of them.

AMD suffers from an "Intel like" bug
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It has fixed it though

AMD has fixed, but not yet released BIOS/UEFI/firmware updates for the general public for a security flaw affecting the AMD Secure Processor.

Vietnam deploys cyberwarriors
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Declaring war on wrongful views

Vietnam is deploying a 10,000 strong military cyber warfare unit to combat what the government sees as a growing threat of "wrongful views" proliferating on the internet.

Security company sues Ars Technica for reporting bug
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Insists that bug in Keeper could not steal password.

Keeper, a password manager software maker, has filed a lawsuit against a tech reporter and Ars Technica over reporting a vulnerability disclosure in its product.

Firefox is about to label non-HTTPS sites as insecure
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By default

Firefox browsers might soon indentify sites which do not run HTTPS as insecure.

British spooks find hole in Microsoft Defender and Security Essentials
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Vole rushes to patch

Microsoft has posted an out-of-band security update to fix a remote code execution flaw in its Malware Protection Engine.