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XFX Radeon DD R270X 1050M 2GB reviewed

by on02 December 2013


Overall the XFX DD R9 270X 1050M is a quiet card. The fans are inaudible in 2D mode, and virtually silent in 3D mode. We heard the fans only on a couple of occasions, but even then it was relatively brief, most users will notice any noise. Temperatures in idle are great. During 3D load XFX allowed a bit higher temperatures for the GPU in order to keep the fans silent. In majority of games we measured up to 75 degrees Celsius. After overclocking we measured up to 85 degrees Celsius, but the fans remained silent (we overclocked the GPU at 1200MHz from stock 1050MHz). Once the game is started and the GPU starts heating up, there are no abrupt fan speed changes.

Last modified on 01 January 2014
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