Mobvoi TicWatch with Snapdragon W5+ Gen1 coming
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Better battery life

Mobvoi made its name with powerfully designed watches and dual display technology in the high-end, enabling good 72-hour smartwatch battery life.

First Snapdragon Wear W5 comes in August
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Oppo Watch 3 confirmed

Qualcomm announced a significant improvement in its wearable portfolio with W5+ and W5 Gen 1 SoCs in 4nm. The advancements are made in all areas with 50 percent smaller core PCB, 35 percent smaller chipset, and 30 percent reduction in SoC, gaining up to 2X performance.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit is in November
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November 15 to 17 2022

Various magazines and Qualcomm have confirmed that Qualcomm sent an invitation for its legendary Snapdragon summit. The dates are set for November 15 to 17 2022, confirming the previous rumors that the event will take good two weeks before the last year.

Intel confirms Arc A780 graphics card was never planned
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A770 remains top

Intel’s Ryan Shrout, part of the Intel marketing group, used his Twitter to confirm that the Arc A780 card never existed.

Arm details client roadmap until 2024
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Multi cluster nodes for the future

Arm has organized an in-person event for the willing, senior management, and engineering groups from different CPU and GPU groups with a lot to share.

Qualcomm maintains leadership in premium smartphones
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Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 proves it

Qualcomm recently launched a new flagship Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and proved it still can maintain a significant distance between its nearest chipset competitor.

Nvidia and SoftBank terminate acquisition of Arm
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Its officially over, Nvidia gets a 20-year license and SoftBank $1.25B

Back in September 2021, we have addressed that Nvidia's acquisition of Arm is very uncertain. Even back in September 2020, when the deal was officially announced, I raised serious concerns that the deal was good for Nvidia and bad for everyone else.

How to get 4 days on a TicWatch Pro 3 GPS / Ultra
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Scheduled essential overnight is the key

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS and, most recently, TicWatch 3 GPS Ultra have shaken up the Wear OS market due to its skillful dual-screen design that can offer multi-day use. My biggest issue for giving up a Wear OS a few years back was the battery life. Devices such as LG Watch Sport could barely last throughout the workday, but this was more than four years ago.

China officially agreed to the AMD Xilinx acquisition
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China’s regulatory authority approval is official

China’s regulatory authority has given AMD the green light for a $35 billion acquisition. USA, Korea, Taiwan, and the European Union already gave their blessing for the transaction earlier.

Realme GT 5G is still missing Android 12
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Some Italian users got it

It is officially a year of a Tiger, and most of China is on holiday (happy holidays). It is easy to notice that brands out of mothership China are delaying the announcement of the Realme UI 3.0 for the Realme GT 5G phones.