IBM AI challenges human debater
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Think 2019: Project Debater AI

IBM  showed off something very significant today, and dared to challenge someone who claimed to be the European's best debater in an attempt to win an argument. The judge declared a human as a winner, but the AI machine did a great job while offering comprehensive amount of data to back the argument. This is as big as IBM's  Big Blue supercomputer beating Kasparov in 1997.

Companies need to do 100s of AI experiments
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Think 2019: IBM Rob Thomas General manager AI data and AI

IBM is holding its annual Think 2019 conference and AI is of course a big part of it. We had a chance to hear Rob Thomas,  General Manager of AI data and AI, who delivered a very interesting analysis on the state of things with the technology.

Apple is making its own modem
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Reuters confirmed what we said in December

Johny Srouji, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies, was rumored to become a new Intel CEO but instead he got a rocky ride to build a modem for Apple. This is again our "we told you so moment" as we suggested that this will happen and the last time we wrote about it was in mid-December, or months before Reuters.

Pixelworks reaches strategic agreement with HMD Global
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Cooperation extended to Future Nokia smartphones

Pixelworks is a company with quite remarkable mobile display processing technology packed into rather small chips that enables some high-end video and display features at very low cost and power. After working with HMD to help make the mainstream-priced Nokia 7.1 really pop with high end HDR display features, the two companies announced strategic partnership to extend the cooperation.

Xilinx had a record quarter
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Things to get better

Xilinx is a company that makes great products and technology but in the past didn’t manage to penetrate the mainstream IT media’s due to the complexity of its products. That is all changing now, the company with its Datacenter, AI, 5G and Automotive aspirations managed to grab a lot of attention and score 34 percent year on year growth.

Fudzilla predicted Intel’s next CEO in Oct 2018
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Bob Swan it is

Intel has just announced that Robert (Bob) Swan, its current interim CEO, is the new CEO of the company. After a rather long search that's lastest since the departure of Brian Krzanich, the board has approved  Swan as the permanent CEO position.

Intel still losing money on Apple modem
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Aicha Evans, EVP of mobile, confirmed to FTC

Intel is in the middle of quite a nasty fight where the Federal Trade commission in USA attacked Qualcomm for its business and licensing strategy. Aicha Evans, an EVP and general manager of mobile, who left Intel days after testimony confirmed that even in 2018, Intel's modem business unit was not profitable.

Intel confirms it's not interested in 4G
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FTC Qualcomm trial

One of the interesting twists that has appeared in the FTC investigation into Qualcomm is that it transpires that Intel had an opportunity to invest in 4G and LTE and it confirmed to the court that it decided not to do it, as part of its business strategy.

Apple exec unlikely to be Intel's next CEO
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Johny Srouji stays at Apple 

Well placed sources have confirmed that Johny Srouji from Apple is unlikely to be the new CEO of Intel. Infortunately that doesn’t actually help us to answer who will be the next leader.

Radeon VII production cost $650+
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Bill of Materials

Our original article about the HBM 2 cost gained a lot of traction and we decided to try to dig out how much the whole card BOM (bill of materials) might be.