Nvidia acquisition of ARM is good for Nvidia
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Analysis: Bad for everyone else

Nvidia will take over ARM, at least it has announced its intention and the market and the stock skyrocketed, demonstrating that this looks like it is an excellent move for Nvidia. Still, a semiconductor company taking over what used to be an independent API provider doesn't resonate well.

Xilinx announces T1 5G O-RAN card
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Multi-function for Baseband Unit market

5G is one of these big vectors that will entirely change our lives and industries in many ways that one cannot even imagine. Xilinx will play a big part in that market as it just announced shipping of a Multi-Function telco accelerator card for growing 5G O-RAN virtual baseband unit markets.

SiFive hires Patrick Little as CEO
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Ex Qualcomm SVP and GM of Automotive

In this bombastic week for the industry, SiFive, a leader in Risc V architecture products, has announced that it has hired Patrick W. Little as President and CEO, effective immediately.

Be Quiet! has new watercoolers
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Pure loop for Core i3 (Ryzen 3) to Core i9 (Ryzen 9)

Be Quiet! is working hard even during the pandemic, and it has finally released an update for its Pure Look water cooler solution.

Insilico Medicine AI COVID tool uses Xeons
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Intel helps in COVID-19 research

Industry veteran Alex Zhavoronkov who left the PC industry (ATI and AMD) to start the AI longevity focused Insilico Medicine, has announced AI-powered COVIDomic to power the COVID-19 basic and clinical research.

Tremont 10nm mobile and desktop detailed
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Pentium and Celeron in laptops and desktops in 2021

What we used to call Atom will continue to be known as Pentium and Celeron in affordable laptops and small form desktop computers coming in 2021.

Xilinx scores Subaru design win
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The stereo camera powered by Zync MPSoC

Xilinx is number two in automotive cameras, and the company just scored a significant Subaru design win being the choice for the latest generation Subaru EyeSight.

GeForce Now speaks Chromebook
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Additional 40 million possible gamers

Nvidia is investing heavily in a cloud gaming platform called GeForce Now, and we had a chance to get an update from an old friend and industry veteran Phil Eisler, VP of GeForce Now and cloud gaming. The biggest announcement for today is that Chromebooks have support for GeForce now.

Qualcomm helped to shape VVC H266 codec
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Leadership in IP saves an additional 40 percent on text

Companies like Qualcomm invest a lot of time and engineering effort to help with upcoming standards, and many know that Qualcomm is a leader in 5G. Qualcomm is also committed to Versatile Video Coding (VVC), known as H266, and the company helped to optimize the codec and bring an additional 30 to 40 saving to text-based content, maintaining the same visual quality.

GPU Xe LP die size with 96 EU similar to Ice Lake
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Intel senior graphics fellow confirms

One of the great advantages of taking part at the virtual architecture day at Intel is the chance to chat with the speakers and learn a tad more. David Blythe, a senior fellow graphics architect behind the Xe LP design, as well as Gen 11 GPU, has shared a few interesting details about Xe LP.