Makibes G03 Plus GPS smartband
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Good tracking for €38.57

Makibes is not a big established brand in the bushel of smart fitness trackers but the company managed to make an affordable, connected, GPS smart band and price it for under 40 Euro / $44 USD.

Xiaomi finally IPOs at $50B+
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13 percent jump the second day

Xiaomi has finally listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange with an initial public offering of $17HK per share and in the first day it jumped 13 percent.

Sony H8526 gives glimpse of Snapdragon 855
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Double single score performance since SD 835

Sony has a very tight relationship with Qualcomm and it is one of the early adopters and 4G MIMO innovators in the market. The last H8526 codenamed device has shown up at Geekbench and performed some 30 percent faster than Snapdragon 845 powered XZ2 phones.

COO Diane Bryant  leaves Google Cloud
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Intel’s first female CEO?

Ex-CEO Brian Krzanich was escorted out of Intel and this bombastic announcement made us try to find out on June 22nd who might be next in line to become Intel’s CEO. We suggested that Diane Bryant who went to Google as a COO could and she announce her departure a day ago.

Tesla hits 7000 cars in seven days
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Ford trolls with 7K cars in 4 hours

Elon Musk is very proud that after spending billons and missing every single projection he ever made, Tesla has finally managed to make 7000 cars in seven days. Ford’s CEO Steven Armstrong is trolling that it can make 7000 cars in four hours.

Huawei to launch 5G  by June 2019
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Definitely won’t be the first

Everyone is rushing to be the leader in 5G and Huawei made an announcement that the company is planning to introduce 5G chips in March 2019 and ship the phone solution a quarter later. The company officially confirmed these plans.

Snapdragon 439 and 429 detailed
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Significant speed upgrade

We have already described the most prominent features of Snapdragon 632 and we wanted to address the entry level Snapdragon 439 and 429 in a separate article. These octa and quad core processors also show a steep performance upgrade from the previous generation.

Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 632
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AI and Kryo gets to 600

The launch of Snapdragon 700 series didn’t mean the death of the 600 series, it just meant that there is a place for a new segment. Qualcomm just announced three new SoCs - the Snapdragon 632, 439 and 429.

Xilinx scores Daimler AI deal
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Mercedes gets more AI high tech

Xilinx has entered very many automotive fields for the last twelve years and and had a huge success in the forward looking camera market. The company grew to more than 4.5 million units from zero in just six years, massively increasing numbers every year. Now Daimler AG, the company behind Mercedes Benz, has revealed that iy will work with Xilinx on an in-car system using Xilinx technology for artificial intelligence (AI) processing in automotive applications.

Xilinx is number two in car cameras
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Make driving safe again

Computers made it to cars a long time ago. Assisted driving that most people know from Tesla, started with premium brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi in 2016 and brands like Honda even got it to the masses in 20.000 Euro/USD cars. These cars must have front cameras, and Xilinx is clearly number two there