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Apple ships 3GHz Xeons

by on05 April 2007


Q3 came early

A sharp eye of a reader noticed that Apple is the first OEM with E5365, 3GHz Xeon parts. Officially it doesn't exist at all and Intel didn't plan to introduce this part till Q3. We already mentioned this part here.

We just entered Q2 which means that Intel is a bit early with this part. It is all clear now, Apple is the secret OEM who can handle the 150W heat dissipation from this Clowertown part.

The machine will ship within 24 hours and the top end system includes two 3.0GHz quad-core processors (8-core) from Intel, bunch of hard drives and up to 16 GB memory.

Apple server with 1 GB of ram and two quad core 3GHz CPUs costs exactly $4000 and you can get the price up if you take more hard drives and memory. The best thing is that the future generation stuff is available today. It is also interesting to notice that Apple only use Geforce 7 series of cards and you can not get any Geforce 8 series.

You can read more about it here and you can buy the Apple machine here. 


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