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Harpertown has 12 MB cache, FSB 1333

by on18 June 2007


Intel roadmap: Comes in Q4

Harpertown is the codename for a quad core server processor, the first of many 45 nanometre parts. Intel is very quite about the final clocks of this processor, but we know that it will have 12 MB of cache memory.

Intel went public this time with the information that the Harpertown 45 nm processors employs a marchitecture called Advanced smart cache and each die on the processor has 6 MB of cache. In the end, this means that the Penryn machitecture based Harpertown CPU has 12 MB of shared cache for a single socket 45 nm quad core.

Harpertown also supports FSB 1333, 64 bit, DBS, XD bit marchitecture and is still on schedule for Q4 this year. We still believe that Intel is just playing with its customers minds by telling them that Harpertown is a different core from Yorkfield, but at least the specs looks the same to us.

Last modified on 18 June 2007
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