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Intel to cut quad core prices on July 22nd

by on21 June 2007


A month to $266 quad core  

As we reported
before Intel plans to make the big price cuts on the 22nd. Quad core Q6600 dropped to $530 in June and on the 22nd of July this processor will drop to $266 and will sell twice cheaper than it is selling now.

On the same date QX6850 clocked at 3 GHz, 8 MB cache memory and FSB 1333 will be introduced for $999. QX6800 with its 2.93 clock and 1066 MHz FSB will cost the same, again $999.

Q6700 will drop to $530 and the cheapest Q6600 drops to $266 only. The big trouble is that E6850 dual core with FSB 1333 and 4 MB of cache at 3 GHz will cost the same, $266 and it will outperform this slower clocked quad core in most of the games and many other applications.

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