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Fab 36 ready for K10 production

by on28 June 2007


DCC 2007:
300 wafers are going out


AMD now has the capacities for Barcelona and other K10 processors. It can now get a lot of K10 or other 65 nanometre chips from its Fab 36.

This fab produces 300 milimetre 65 nanometre processors and can produce K10 as well. This is the one that is about to save the AMD’s butt as the company need as many Barcelona as it can. This is the fab that produces these low power BE processors as well and in AMD’s case the company doesn’t have much chance to poke around, this is its only choice.

Barcelona will be an important part of its production but there will be some time before K10 generation takes over K8 in capacity. The same fab is suppose to be ready for 45 nanometre in second half of 2008 and makes faster K10.5 processors possible.

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