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Intel made the 22nd July price cuts

by on23 July 2007



Intel decided to drastically cut its prices yesterday on 22nd of July and effectively the new prices should start to showing up as of today. These are distributors’ prices so you can expect a few more bucks on the retail price in your favourite store.

QX6850 the top of the hill that we reviewed here will cost $970 and you will have to pay exactly the same for FSB 1066 QX6800. This means that QX6800 price will drop from $1170 in July to $970 as of yesterday.

X6800 with 4 MB dual core, 965 and 955 previous Extreme editions will remain priced at $970 but they will be retired any day now so we doubt you will be able to buy them.

Q6700 quad core at 2.66 GHz will drop to $527, Q6600 will drop from $525 to $270. E6850 shows up at $268, E6750 at 2.66 GHz and dual core will cost only $189 while E6550 all FSB 1333 will cost $169.

E4500 at 2.2 GHz and 2 MB cache dual core will show its face at $139 price, E4400 will drop from $139 price in June to $119 on 22nd of July. E4300 stays at $119 price.

E2160 drops from $90 to $87, E2140 drops from $80 to $67.         

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