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VIA to launch 64-bit 65nm CPU in Q1 08

by on25 July 2007

Codename Isaiah

According to information posted on Digitimes, VIA is getting ready to launch a new processor core that is currently going under the name of Isaiah. VIA likes its biblical names and this time it looks like they might have pulled out all the stops to create a competitive entry level CPU.

Isaiah will be based on 65nm and it's a 64-bit CPU, VIA's first in both cases. It will also get a 1,333MHz FSB, 1MB of L2 cache and it will feature virtualization technology and support for ECC memory.

Judging from the specifications, this new CPU core is going after the entry level or low power server market, but that's just a guess for now.

The sources that Digitimes are quoting, claims that the new core will be up to twice as fast as the currently fastest CPU from VIA, even though clock speeds aren't expected to be much higher.

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