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Intel to cut Celeron M prices

by on02 August 2007


2nd of September

Intel plans to introduce the new Celeron value mobile at 2.0 GHz and it's called the Celeron 550. This CPU has FSB 533, 1 MB cache and will cost $127 at launch. What is interesting is that it won’t have the famous M in the name.

At the same time, Intel plans to drop the price of the Celeron 540 1.86 GHz from the current $127 to $102. The Celeron M 530 at 1.73 GHz will drop from its current $102 to $82 and Intel plans to unveil a new Celeron (without M) 530 with the same specs and at the same $82 price, but with a different model number. We don’t see much of a point in this, but it’s called Business and we don’t understand this part.

The other Celeron M's won’t change in price. This looks like the last price cut for 2007, but Intel has changed its plans before.

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