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VIA takes it's x86 CPUs to 1W

by on24 August 2007

VIA Eden Ultra Low Voltage

VIA has announced its latest Ultra Low Voltage Eden CPU which operates at a mere 1W, although the 500MHz clock speed isn't going to wow anyone. Still, for its intended market, these CPUs are quite powerful as VIA is targeting the embedded market.

This new CPU idles at a mere 0.1W which means that the power draw in standby is next to none existent. Considering the applications these type of CPUs are used for, VIA could very well have scored a lot of customers.

We could also see this new CPU appear in new generations of tiny UMPC's to compete against Intel. The ULV Eden measures 21mm squared and comes in a NanoBGA2 package.

"Giving our customers the building blocks to create innovative systems and driving PC technology into new markets defines our 'Small is Beautiful' strategy," said Richard Brown, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. "With its performance, energy efficiency and compact size, our new VIA Eden ULV processor provides a way for embedded developers to add real value to their systems and push the market forward." 

You can read the press release here
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