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Intel expected to announce fast SSDs at IDF

by on12 August 2008


240MB/s read speeds

It looks like we've got an exciting IDF to look forward to, as not only are we expecting to hear more about the Core i7 and hopefully Larrabee, but now it also looks as if Intel will have a new range of SSD drives to show off next week.

Expreview has scored some more Intel slides and if the information is indeed correct, then it looks as if Intel will be the fastest SSD drives on the market, for now. There will be three different versions, although all three models will offer read speeds of up to 240MB/s which is so far the second fastest SSD drive we're aware of, the fastest one being from Micron which manages 250MB/s.

The different models will be X25-E, X25-M and X18-M. The X25 drives use a 2.5-inch form factor while the X18 uses the smaller 1.8in form factor. Performance-wise, the X25-E is the highest performing model with write speeds of up to 170MB/s, while the X25-M and X18-M are a bit more limited at 70MB/s for writes, but has the same 240MB/s read speeds.

The X25-E has an average power usage of 2.4W in usage mode and 0.06W at idle, while the other two models draw a mere 0.25W in use and the same amount of power at idle.

There isn't much mroe details at this point, but we'd expect to hear much more about these new SSD drives next week during IDF.

You can find the slide here.

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