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Corsair losing its ground

by on24 September 2008


Updated: Reports from around the world

We've learned that for the last few months performance memory giant Corsair is not doing particularly well.

The company fired quite a few people, including some of the VPs, and at the same time it is being very quiet on the new product side. There haven’t been new announcements for quite some time, and it looks that the company is a bit shaken. The sales are not doing that well, either, and there has been some massive loss in performance memory market to its closest competitor OCZ.

Particularly in the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) market, it seems that Corsair lost a lot of support but there is a hope that the fallen memory manufacturer will come back with some stronger products in memory, PSU and the USB stick area, and win back hearts of the customers.

Memory prices, especially of DDR2 memory, are not helping as you can buy a decent kit of 4GB DDR2 for €60, and it gets quite hard to earn enough money by selling those. Even the DDR3 prices are way down and we hope that Corsair will get its act together and shape up.


We just spoke with Corsair's representatives and they said that the new products are coming, and you can expect DDR3 2133MHz, 64GB USB key, new PSUs and many more new products to be available shortly.

The company has confirmed that there have been some structural changes and Corsair has a new VP or marketing that just joined, but at the press time the company didn't want to announce his name. The good news is that the company is shaping up and they promise much more exciting products for pre-Xmas time.   

Last modified on 25 September 2008
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