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Super Talent has small Godfather 16GB USB

by on20 January 2009


64GB Luxio and 16GB Pico C

Super talent
has a nice new lineup for 2009 that includes three new quite unique and recognizable USB drives.

The one that stands out the most is The Godfather USB driver made from rubber with Marlon Brando Screensaver and this baby comes in up to 16GB sizes. We’ve seen it live and we can tell it looks really appealing and if you are into the movie, this is a must have thing. At the same time the drive is very small to look great on your key chain.

Second in this lineup is world’s smallest 16GB USB Pico C 16GB core drive, extremely small but still gets 200X speeds. This is just a bigger version from original Pico C but we cannot believe that they got 16GB on such a small space.

The last but certainly not the least is big Luxio 64GB drive with AES 256 hardware encryption and the company claims that its faster and smaller than the competition. We’ve seen it, and we can tell you it's definitely smaller, but we're can't confirm the performance claims. Here is how they all look.


Last modified on 20 January 2009
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