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6GB OCZ Platinum DDR3 1600MHz now from $164.99

by on06 February 2009


The 7-7-7-24 low-latency kit

has just received more of OCZ's popular 6GB (3x 2GB) triple-channel DDR3 1600MHz memory kits with a variety of CAS latencies to choose from.

First up is the OCZ Gold Series 6GB (3x 2GB) 8-8-8-24 OCZ3G1600LV6GK kit, now available for $169.99 with free shipping. At launch back in November, this particular kit was averaging $270 in the US market, which amounts to a significant price drop as the X58/Core i7 platform smoothly makes its way into 2009.

Next up is the OCZ XMP Ready Series 6GB (3x 2GB) 8-8-8-24 OCZ3X1600LV6GK kit, now available for $175.99 with free shipping. This kit has two Intel Extreme Memory Profile settings which are capable of running 1,066MHz 7-7-7-20 at 1.5v or 1,800MHz 9-9-9-28 at 1.65v.

Finally, the ever popular OCZ Platinum Series 6GB (3x 2GB) 7-7-7-24 OCZ3P1600LV6GK kit is now available for a low $164.99 with free shipping. On another note, several overclocking communities are reporting that 1,600MHz CAS 7 triple-channel kits are providing a slight edge in performance over 2,000MHz CAS 9 kits, with an average 5ns advantage in memory access latency depending on the board and settings used.

Last modified on 06 February 2009
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