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11 million SSDs shipped in 2009

by on25 January 2010


Still far from mainstream

to IDC beancounters, the tech market swallowed up a meager 11 million SSDs in 2009. However, it's worth noting SSD shipments grew by 14 percent in 2009 and IDC analysts are positive on the outlook for SSDs.

"SSD adoption will continue to experience tangible growth given the nascent stage for SSD adoption coupled with many of the benefits inherent in SSDs," said Jeff Janukowicz, research manager, Hard Disk Drive Components and Solid State Drives at IDC. "We expect SSD vendors to achieve capacity and price points that make SSDs an attractive solution in the PC and enterprise markets where the value proposition of SSDs is compelling."

The IDC believes the key to faster SSD adoption in all market segments is pricing, which is anything but affordable. Furthermore, analysts believe SSDs will see much stronger growth in performance segments, rather than in cheap no thrills netbooks and other mobile devices. SSDs also offer significant benefits for corporate users, but at a rather high premium.

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