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OCZ Vertex 2 SSD boast 480MB/s write speed

by on10 January 2009


550MB/s read

OCZ has shown us the prototypes of Vertex 2, their next generation SSD, and the company's CEO Ryan Peterson and EVP and Chief Marketing officer Alex Mei were kind enough to show us a first glimpse of the drive's performance.

The drive is insanely fast as this internal quad raid drive can write at up to 480MB/s and read around 550MB/s, depending on the size of the files.

This is specially the case with big files and in reality at this speed you might copy a 20GB file in just 41.66 seconds, and we are sure that video editing guys are going to love these numbers. In order to achieve thee speeds you will have to get to SATA 3.0, as SATA 2.0 is maxed out at 300MB/s per device. SATA 3.0 on the other hand gets you all the way to 750GB/s which will be enough even for Vertex 2.

This drive will come the market in late Q1 2009 and we reckon it will be ready for Cebit. Here is how it looks in action.

Last modified on 10 January 2009
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