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Asus is not completely out of Gigabyte

by on27 March 2007


Just doesn't like the brand

Asus decided to pull of the Gigabyte Union brand. That is what we heard from very resourceful sources. The source confirmed that there have been some troubles in this marriage of convenience but that it doesn’t mean the final divorce. The deal, it seems, is still on.  

Asus had problems with Gigabyte Union brand as the top brand for the whole company. Brand managers had troubles to make any sense where and how you can position Asrock, Gigabyte and Asus brands. You can probably use them in budget, mainstream and premium markets, but who fits where.

The whole argument is about who is more important and stronger, Gigabyte or Asus. Who has a better brand? We believe that there will be a solution for the problem, but Gigabyte Union will most certainly not be the only brand for the whole new company.

We will have to wait and see, but we can not imagine that the Asus brand will just be forgotten.

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