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Gigabyte restructures, focus the same

by on12 June 2007


A lot of companies

Gigabyte officially commented on our story where we said that the company will get its focus of the motherboards and VGA cards. You can read the whole part here and it looks like things are even more complicated that we indicated.

This focus thing was the case ever since Gigabyte United was formed as Gigabyte United focuses only on Gigabyte branded motherboard and VGA cards. Gigabyte United is wholly owned by Gigabyte technology but the R&D, sales and marketing for each company are separate.

So Gigabyte United will continue to focus on motherboards with the Gigabyte brand while the Gigabyte tech will focus on more mobile things.

There are quite a few joint ventures and other sister companies within the GIGABYTE Group. The main one, the motherboard company of them all is GIGABYTE Technology Ltd. It is followed with its daughter compaies such as GIGABYTE United INC. (motherboards and VGA cards), G-Style (notebooks and UMPCs), GSmart (mobile and smart phones) and also Gigazone (coolers, chasses, PSUs, etc...). All of these daughter companies are either major or wholly owned by GIGABYTE Technology LTD. The same company also maintains other business units such as networking and server products business unit (BU), system BU and a digital home BU, all run and administrated by GIGABYTE technology.

The bottom line is that although GIGABYTE Technology is exploring new markets such as mobiles, , GIGABYTE branded motherboards and VGA cards will continue to enjoy all the R&D and other investment that they have always had because GIGABYTE United is 100% focused on motherboards and VGA cards.

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