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Nvidia responds to anti-Ion presentation

by on25 February 2009


Updated: Ion has 10 times better graphics

Now we got Nvidia’s response to Intel’s original presentation and Nvidia used more than 300 words to tell how it feels about Ion and Intel’s 945GSE/ICH7 powered Atom machines.
"We (Nvidia) are currently communicating with our customers to correct the claims Intel made against NVIDIA ION.

We believe that our partners are concerned and intimidated by Intel's claim that "Like with notebook and desktop platforms, NVIDIA's chipset for Intel Atom processor is not validated by Intel".  It would be unfortunate if Intel chose to turn their back on our mutual customers.  OEM-validated, Microsoft-validated, NVIDIA-validated MCP79/7A PCs from Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, NEC, Samsung, and Toshiba are all now shipping worldwide.

Intel's claim that "ION offers no advantages in Netbook and Nettop market segments" is simply incorrect.  ION is faster, more feature rich, and offers a better experience vs. Intel-based netbooks, nettops, and notebooks. ION was created with the purpose of enabling small, affordable, "green" premium PCs and it can and will do that. ION offers a modern 2-chip solution (GPU + CPU) in contrast to Intel's 4-year old three-chip solution (945GSE + ICH7 + CPU) with the advantage of a 10X performance in 55% less motherboard area.

Intel's claim that "the Technical Community sees no value in ION platform" is countered by the fact that the ION has been overwhelmingly praised by technology press here and software venders such as EA, Epic, and Cyberlink here. Microsoft just recently endorsed the ION platform for its Premium Windows experience and you can see it here.  We are confident that the overwhelming support the NVIDIA ION platform has generated in the technical community reflects real customer demand.

Contrary to Intel claims, ION delivers 10X graphics performance at similar battery life according to Mobile Mark 2007 benchmark compared to Intel's offering. You should note that reviews to date have been on desktop ION platforms that were built with a desktop CPU and power management features were not enabled.

ION is an outstanding platform that the industry wants. OEMs are excited to use it, and consumers are eager to have a better experience on affordable PCs with ION. NVIDIA looks forward to competing fairly in the marketplace through innovative products like ION."

Now you know how Nvidia feels about it, and we just got Nvidia's presentation to counter Intel's presentation and we will probably post it shortly.

Update: You can check out the Nvidia presentation here.

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