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EVGA preparing to launch ?EVBot? hardware monitor

by on13 December 2009


Made for X58 SLI, P55 FTW and GTX 285 Classified

Over the
weekend, our friend Jacob Freeman, Product Manager at EVGA wrote on his Twitter page that the company has been working on a new hardware-monitoring device geared primarily for its enthusiast customers. When we say enthusiast, we are referring to those who own or are in the market to own any of its eight X58 SLI motherboards, any of its three P55 FTW motherboards, or the Geforce GTX 285 Classified desktop graphics card.


The unnamed device first appeared in prototype form back on July 24 when overclocking living legend Peter Tan “Shamino” posted some early preview pictures on XtremeSystems Forums of the company's P55 FTW board, at the time referred to by its codename (132-LF-E657). Since then, EVGA has proceeded to put it through beta testing on the most demanding hardware configurations in its labs and even give it a name.

The little red hardware-monitoring device will officially be known as EVBot, and Jacob says the company is working to have it available just before the holidays. Judging by the image below, the EVBot seems like a physical hardware version of the company’s E-LEET software. It can adjust VCore, PLL, and VTT voltages on any CPU placed in a compatible motherboard, it can adjust GPU voltages and frequencies on the Geforce GTX 285 Classified, and it can also be set for a variety of overclocking profiles. We are certain there are more features the device is capable of, and we should have more information on pricing and availability sometime within the next week and a half.


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