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3G iPhone will likely hit U.S. stores on June 29th

by on07 May 2008


One year after the first one

to the info and reports that we have been able to track down today, the new 3G iPhone is confirmed for a late June launch. Most are suggesting that the date will be June 29th, which is the same date that the first generation iPhone was launched. Steve Jobs is expected to announce the launch of the second generation 3G iPhone during his scheduled keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference that is scheduled to run from June 9th through 13th in San Francisco, California.

A leaked AT&T Wireless memo asks employees to kindly schedule their vacations either before June 15th or after June 12th, perhaps suggesting a major launch will occur during this time period. According to AT&T wireless staffers it is not customary for AT&T to ask its employees to do this unless all hands are needed on deck to deal with an expected influx of business activity from customers.

Evidence suggests that Apple will also be aggressive in making the new 3G iPhone available to those that want it outside the U.S., with plans to make it available in Europe during the early part of August. This stands to reason, as Apple would want to cash in on Europeans taking holidays during August and wanting a shiny new iPhone to carry with them.

While we can’t confirm the specifics of what the 3G iPhone will offer, needless to say many are trying to figure this out. Speculation is running rampant and iPhone fever is set to once again strike; this should lead to a lot of money headed into Apple’s coffers. Many current iPhone users are expected to give their current iPhone to a spouse or family memory just so they can upgrade to the latest 3G version. According to many iPhone users, once you have experienced the iPhone you just can’t put it down.

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