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OLED Optimus Maximus Keyboard delayed?

by on05 November 2007


No mass production of the keyboard yet

keyboard with OLED screens inside every key, known as the Optimus Maximus keyboard by Art Lebedev Studios, is still in development, but seems to be behind schedule again. Much of the delay is due to the fact that the OLED screens that are inside every key have not dropped in price as much as they had hoped.

While it is certain that the cost of the OLED screens that are necessary to produce this keyboard will drop in price over time, it seems that although the design presents one of the most interesting concepts to come to keyboard technology in some time, it has not even started into the stage of mass production yet.

While Art Lebedev Studios promised to deliver the first 200 keyboards by December 1st of this year, it would appear that they are behind schedule to even make that date. In addition it seems that during a recent live demo of the keyboard it was obvious that the drivers that are necessary for the keyboard to function are still in development, as well. The latest version of the keyboard can only display a single picture on the keys, which is a far cry from the total programmable key picture functionality promised with the production device.

The 48x48 pixel OLED screen on each key will require a driver that is able to program and change the screens on the keys. This will be a big part of what this keyboard is able to deliver. Those that pre-ordered the device will be somewhat disappointed to learn that all that exists right now are prototypes of the keyboard, and none of these prototypes offer the full functionality that was promised for the final production model.

It is currently unclear as to when production will start or as to when the driver development will take place. Rumors also persist that shortages of key components could also cause further delays in the production of the keyboard.

Last modified on 05 November 2007
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