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Nexus One did well for Google

by on16 April 2010


Despite what you might have read

While the press have been weighing into the Nexus One as a slow seller for Google, it turns out that they did not do so badly after all.

In amongst all the sales figures there is a note that the Nexus One sold enough to generate a profit for Google. Indeed the outfit claims that for the first time that its superphone is indeed in the black. The company said that the Nexus One is a profitable business for Google and it is driving the business to be more profitable.

Hang on didn't the technology press write off the Nexus One as a failure?  It might be some more of the Pro Apple bias in the US media coming to the fore as the Nexus One was touted as an iPhone killer. Google said that it is "seeing more than 60 thousand Android devices sold and activations daily". It is up to some 38,000 apps in the Market. It looks like Google's future Nexus products will go better.

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