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Transcend launches tiny USB drive

by on08 November 2007


The JetFlash T3

drive maker, Transcend, has released a a brand-new ultra-tiny USB flash drive that only weighs two grams. The JetFlash T3 is designed to be extra-rugged and solve the problem of minidrives that break down.

It uses a Chip On Board manufacturing technique that molds the memory chip and circuit board into the drive’s unbreakable Polycarbonate casing. According to a company press release this makes the T3 more solid and robust than even full-sized flash drives.

It comes in 1GB and 2GB versions, and is made with brand-name NAND Flash chips. It does not need an adapter to connect to your computer and slides into a normal USB slot. The JetFlash T3 uses Transcend’s own JetFlash elite data management tools that run directly from the T3 without having to install any software on your PC.

No word on price yet.

More here.

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