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Sood spills beans on HP Voodoo buyout

by on11 April 2007


Technology show cased

Just six months after HP bought Voodoo, HP Global Gaming Chief Technology Officer Rood Sood has been talking about what the company plans to do with it.According to DailyTech, Sood showed off several projects that HP/Voodoo have been working on including a 50" touch screen into a coffee table which is designed for gamers.

Sood said that HP has been looking at all types of technologies which pertain to gaming, including handheld, display, interface, and many others. Between Voodoo and HP there is enough intellectual property to wallpaper the building, he said.

Sood said that there was a gap between HP and Voodoo which needed to be sorted out. He indicated that while no one in either company had mentioned it, there was some speculation that a fourth brand could be created to over come this.

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