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Resident Evil 4 for Wii sales reach 1 million

by on31 October 2007


Proof that Wii is evil, too?

TG Daily is reporting that Capcom has sold over a million copies of Resident Evil 4 for Nintendo's Wii console.

The game itself got excellent reviews when it appeared back in June, but this still comes as bit of a surprise, since the Wii was marketed at an audience who wasn't supposed to embrace this genre of gamers. To put things into perspective, the company claims that the Wii version of the game accounts for more than half of the total copies sold on all platforms.

Rockstar's Manhunt 2 for Wii has recently been released too, and it looks like the little Nintendo is set to shed its image of a cute, white toy for casual gamers and families. In recent months the console got its share of violent games aimed at a mature audience, and the trend isn't letting up. Manhunt 2 is just the beginning, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is coming out in two weeks, and if war is what you're into, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 with Wii Zapper support should appear at about the same time.

Who knows? Maybe we'll see a sinister looking black Wii soon, for the horror genre gamers.

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