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R600XT 8.361 doesnt do audio

by on17 April 2007


The next driver will

ATI's Miracle Radeon HD 2900 XT driver that might save the day doesn’t support the audio feature. This was supposed to be a launch driver but something went wrong with the audio part.

No need to panic as Terry Makedon and its team lead by a skilful Ben Bar Haim are working hard to finish the new driver that will do HD audio. The next one in line should be called 8.37 and it will support Audio and all the video and graphic features.

The 8.361 driver really saved the day as the performances with the previous one were below the G80 GTX and DAAMIT was not happy. That is why ATI delayed the launch in the first place, don’t buy this alignment and full generation launch stuff.

So now 8.361 scores better, but don’t have audio support. I am sure ATI will have the new 8.37 driver in time for the launch eta in about a months time.

Last modified on 18 April 2007
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