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Intel starts using its star ratings

by on08 May 2009


Celeron is bad, Core 2 Extreme / Quad is great

We wrote about Intel's star strategy and new logos a while ago and now, since it's official, we can see them in action.

Intel delivers a logo of Celeron mobile and it clearly tells its customers that this is a one out of five star product. According to Intel's rating this is the worse you can buy and this was featured in latest media markt Austria catalogue that goes after mainstream buyers.

The second in Intel's list Pentium T3xxx, T2xxx and SU27xx+ and they deserve two stars, at least in notebook market.

Intel Centrino T6xxx, T5xxx and SU3xxx will deserver three stars and so is Intel Core 2 duo T6xxx and T5xxx. If you want four star notebook you will have to buy Intel Centrino 2 or Core 2 T8xxx, T7xxx or P8xxx and P7xxx.

Finally five star notebooks will feature Centrino 2, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad or Core 2 Duo CPUs and it will have to be T9xxx, P9xxx, SP9xxx, SP9xxx, SL9xxx or SU9xxx for duals or QX9xxx, X9xxx, X7xxx, Q9200 and Q9100 for Core 2 Extreme and quads.

If you were not confused by Intel codenames and notebook names, you will certainly be with Intel ratings but at least one thing is clear, the higher the number, the better the CPU is.

Last modified on 08 May 2009
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