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G92b based GTX 280M stays the fastest notebook chip

by on08 June 2009


40nm to have less shaders

G92b, the 55nm based Geforce GTX 280M is going to remain the fastest mobile GPU from Nvidia. The fastest mobile chip has 128 shaders and from what we’ve learned, the fastest part from the soon-to-come 40nm mobile generation will stop at 96 shaders.

The new generation, as we said is 40nm GT200 based chip with DirectX 10.1 but from what we’ve learned Geforce GTX 280M will remain the fastest GPU to ship from Nvidia. It will lack DirectX 10.1 support and it might have higher power consumption but it will churn out a higher frame rate.

We cannot exclude the fact that Nvidia might release GT200, 40nm based cards with 128 shaders at a later date, but such a chip won’t be released in the planned June announcement of new Geforce 40nm mobile series chips.

Last modified on 08 June 2009
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