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Creative Labs Stone gets a speaker

by on15 January 2008


Sounds incredible

Creative Labs just announced a new stone speaker and, believe it or not, that little stone has a small built-in speaker that makes it sound just great.

Stone is a mini MP3 player series and the new generation comes with a built-in speaker. These devices should go on sale this month. As always, the U.S. is the priority market and it will come later to Europe, as well.

We tried it at CES and we were shocked at the quality of the sound. At this time it comes in black, white, blue and pink, but there might be more colors available in the future.

In E.U. 1GB is priced at 27€ in retail/e-tail, while 2GB costs €51; but these are the prices for the previous generation without the speaker.

Last modified on 16 January 2008
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